Drop-in Dating Discussion Group

Bay Area Singles Drop-in Dating Discussion Group

This group will help you take control of the signals you are sending to, and better decipher the signals you are getting from, members of the opposite sex.

Whether you know it or not – or like it or not – as a single person, you’re involved in a complex dating dance with members of the opposite sex.

From the very first meeting, those of us who are dating use symbols and silent language to communicate with our dating partners. By understanding the nature of those symbols, that language, and the dating rituals to which most men and women in our culture adhere, and attending TO them, we can best advance our own agendas, protect the feelings of our dating partners, protect our own feelings, and increase the odds of our success with members of the opposite sex.

Whether leading or following, it’s important to understand the signals they send you, and to make sure the signals you send them are clear. The more you understand about how the game is being played, the more successful at it you’ll be.

As a jumping off point for our examination of this fascinating issue, there’s different topic discussed every week, and also, for those that want it, an opportunity to discuss a current – or recurring – dating challenge in their life; 10 minutes to share your story with the group and get feedback from others of both genders who’ve been in similar situations – how they dealt, and what were the outcomes.

Invincible in Love – our Drop-in Dating Discussion Group, meets every Tuesday night in El Cerrito CA (off I-80, a few minutes north of Berkeley).

Mostly ages 40+. Everyone is welcome.
Facilitated by Joel Koosed, founder of The Meeting Game Salon.

Admission is $10 at the door on a drop-in basis. There are usually about 10 people attending, including some newcomers every week.

Tuesday Nights, 7:30-9:30pm

Tatami Multi Arts
9951 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito
Across from El Cerrito Plaza
2 blocks from El Cerrito Plaza BART

Off I-80 at Central Avenue exit, a few minutes north of Berkeley.
Free parking behind O’Reilly’s, 2 doors north of Tatami on San Pablo Ave.

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