“Matters of the Heart” – Where Single Spiritual Seekers Connect

Celebrating the Spiritual – Reaching for the Romantic
Friday, July 13th, 8-10pm

Meet other spiritually oriented single men and women as we celebrate the exquisite wonder of the universe, and call forth the spirit that connects us.

Modern life distracts us from an awareness of our place in the universe; it diverts us from being mindful of our mortality; it disconnects us from our animal nature – and from each other.

To bring us back to those parts of ourselves that can get lost in the course of meeting the daily challenges of our lives, to remind us of our connection to the natural world, and to reconnect us to each other – we invite you to an interactive get-together, where you can meet other spiritually oriented single men and women: featuring some live music, a short talk, a video clip, chanting, singing, shmoozing, and Dances of Universal Peace. (And bagels!)

A simple chant and a song will be led, and two or three short dances will be taught – no experience needed.

There will be a short video clip featuring the evolution and/or fascinating courtship and mating rituals of some of our fellow animals on the planet.

There will be a brief talk, bringing our focus for a few moments back to our own animal nature, the wonder of life, and the improbable miracle of our existence.

Dances of Universal Peace are an amazing way to connect with one’s spiritual side – and to connect with others on a deep, non-verbal – and sometimes even profound level. They are easy to do, involve just a few quick minutes of instruction, and there is no “wrong” way to do them, so there are no “mistakes!”

Simple, joyful, playful, meditative circle dances to live music, celebrating all spiritual traditions.

Humanists and Hindus, Jesuits and Jews, agnostics and atheists, Bha’i’s and Buddhists, Christians and Quakers, Catholics and Sikhs; Muslims and Mormons, Protestants, Presbyterians, pagans and pantheists; Unitarians; Rastafarians; Islamists, Zoroastrians, freethinkers, heathens, and those who eschew labels entirely – all are welcome.


‘Church’ Done Right!
Connecting us to the natural world and to each other.
“All the joy – None of the guilt.”

Suggested donation: $10 at the event.
No-one turned away for lack of funds.

Produced and hosted by Joel Koosed,
Founder of The Meeting Game® Salon.

Rudramandir Center
830 Bancroft Way at Sixth Street
Berkeley 94710




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