“It was different!”
“It sparked honest, in-depth conversation.”
“A good place to come for a fun evening.”

“Friendly atmosphere.
I had more fun that I expected!”

“I felt that the parts of myself that I enjoy
and feel good about were able to be seen.”

“It was unique, interesting, fun,
and better than regular ‘singles events’.”

“I liked having some structure – it made it easier
to get to know someone, because I’m shy.”
“Everyone was kind and polite.”

“A chance to talk casually to people,
both individually and in small groups.
I had a good time!”

“You created a fun atmosphere
in a safe place – no obligation,
no pressure, but gave an opportunity.”

“A great way to meet a lot of guys!”

“Interesting, provocative
questions for discussion.”

“I enjoyed the spirit of the evening.”
“I liked the friendly, relaxed atmosphere.”
“I think it’s a great way of meeting people.”

“Pretty cool…I was pleasantly surprised.”

“I enjoyed the way people became
comfortable striking up conversations
as the evening drew on.”

“Interesting questions.
Good conversation starters.”

“A good amount of structure.
The games were fun.”
“An easy way to meet people.”

“I liked the positive energy of the group.”
“I had a blast!”

“I liked the turnover of groups –
being able to be within several groups
over the course of the evening.”

“I liked the opportunity to listen to
and talk with some smart folks.”

“I enjoyed the wide array of topics
and the diversity of the guests.”

“Met several nice people.”
“I’ve now had 2 dates with guys
I met at your salon.”

“Whatever it is you’re doing,
keep it up – it’s working!”

“It was great. You can tell folks had fun!”

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  1. David & Claudine says:

    Joel, Glad to see the Meeting Game is still going strong. David and I met at one of your first events in 1999; we’ve been married 11 years. Keep up the good work!

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